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Assignment Settings

There are a few global settings that apply to all assignments. We recommend you adjust these settings first, before you start allowing users to upload assignments.

To access assignment settings: :
  1. In your Med LMS Courses Dashboard area click on  ASSIGNMENTS.
  2. Click the Settings tab


Enable this setting if you want assignments to be included in search results when using the default search form on the front-end of your site.

Search has nothing to do with Google search results. Google will index your assignments (if you’ve made them public viewable) regardless of this setting.

Publicly Viewable

This is part of the Med LMS Custom Post Type logic and means the assignment can be shown on the front-end like other post types. If you plan on making comments on user’s assignments, and you want them to be able to view those comments on your site, you’ll want to enable this setting. When you turn this setting on, a unique page will be accessible for each and every assignment that is uploaded. The primary reason this page exists is to keep track of feedback and comments on the assignment.

When this setting is enabled, assignment posts are only viewable by the admin, group leader, and student who uploaded the assignment.

Comments Enabled

This setting must be enabled in order for you to provide comments on uploaded assignments. Turning it on will enable the Med LMS default commenting system, so you’ll be able to provide feedback on a user’s assignment. The user will be able to respond with comments of their own.
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