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Certificate Shortcodes

Certificate shortcodes are exclusively for creating Med LMS certificates. They allow you to display dynamic information about the user, as well as the course or quiz that you’re awarding the certificate for. You can insert the user’s name, course title, date of completion, quiz grade and much more. There are 3 main shortcodes, and then each shortcode has a handful of parameters to output various information.
  •  displays user info
  •  displays course info (only works with certificates assigned to a course)
  •  displays quiz info (only works with certificates assigned to a quiz)
All certificate shortcodes are also listed in the WordPress admin area under Med LMS > CERTIFICATES. Click on the Shortcodes tab at the top.
Looking for the full list of shortcodes you can use throughout your Med LMS site? See all shortcodes »


The [usermeta] shortcode has a handful of options to display user information. Let’s take a look at each one.

  • [usermeta field="first_name"] – Displays a user’s first name
  • [usermeta field="last_name"] – Displays a user’s last name
  • [usermeta field="display_name"] – Displays a user’s full display name, which is often a combination of {first_name} and {last_name}.
  • [usermeta field="user_login"] – Displays a user’s username
  • [usermeta field="nickname"] – Displays a user’s nickname (might not be captured upon user signup)
  • [usermeta field="user_email"] – Displays a user’s email address
  • [usermeta field="user_url"] – Displays a user’s website address (likely not captured upon user signup)
  • [usermeta field="description"] – Displays a user’s bio (likely not captured upon user signup)

The most common [usermeta] shortcodes you’ll use are [usermeta field="first_name"] and [usermeta field="last_name"], as almost all certificates should include the student’s name.


The [courseinfo] shortcode should only be used for certificates assigned to a course. Let’s quickly define a few terms:

  • aggregate refers to the sum of all quizzes assigned to the course
  • cumulative refers to the average of all quizzes assigned to the course

Here are all the possible values:

  • [courseinfo show="course_title"] – Displays the course title
  • [courseinfo show="course_price"] – Displays the course price (only for one-time payment courses)
  • [courseinfo show="course_price_type"] – Displays the Access Mode for the given course
  • [courseinfo show="course_url"] – Displays the course URL
  • [courseinfo show="course_points"] – Displays the total available points for the course
  • [courseinfo show="user_course_points"] – Displays the amount of points the user earned for the course
  • [courseinfo show="enrolled_on"] – Displays the course enrollment date (this does not apply to OPEN courses)
  • [courseinfo show="completed_on"] – Displays the date the course was completed
  • [courseinfo show="user_course_time"] – Displays the total time spent on a course
  • [courseinfo show="cumulative_score"] – Displays the average score for all graded parts of the course
  • [courseinfo show="cumulative_points"] – Displays the average points earned
  • [courseinfo show="cumulative_total_points"] – Displays the average points earned
  • [courseinfo show="cumulative_percentage"] – Displays the average percentage of all quizzes taken in the course
  • [courseinfo show="cumulative_timespent"] – Displays the average time spent on each part of the course
  • [courseinfo show="aggregate_score"] – Displays the final score received for the course
  • [courseinfo show="aggregate_points"] – Displays the total points earned for the course
  • [courseinfo show="aggregate_total_points"] – Displays the total points earned for the course
  • [courseinfo show="aggregate_percentage"] – Displays the total percentage score for all quizzes taken as part of the course
  • [courseinfo show="aggregate_timespent"] – Displays the total time spent on quizzes for the course as a whole

When using the completed_on parameter, you can also customize the date format. (See available date formats)

[courseinfo show="completed_on" format="F j, Y"]


The [quizinfo] shortcode should only be used for certificates assigned to a quiz. They will not work if used for a certificate assigned to a course.

Here’s a list of all available options to output quiz information on a quiz certificate:

  • [quizinfo show="score"] –  Displays the score received for that quiz
  • [quizinfo show="count"] – Displays the number of questions within the quiz
  • [quizinfo show="pass"] – Displays the score required in order to pass the quiz
  • [quizinfo show="timestamp"] – Displays the day/time when the quiz was completed
  • [quizinfo show="points"] – Displays the points received by the user on the quiz
  • [quizinfo show="total_points"] – Displays the total possible points that can be received for a given attempt
  • [quizinfo show="percentage"] – Displays the percentage grade received by the user on the quiz
  • [quizinfo show="quiz_title"] – Displays the name of the quiz
  • [quizinfo show="course_title"] – Displays the name of the course that the quiz is associated with
  • [quizinfo show="timespent"] – Displays the time spent taking the quiz

Again, you can customize the date format when using the timestamp option.

[quizinfo show="timestamp" format="F j, Y"]
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