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Group Display & Content Settings

Each group can have its own set of display options. In this section, we will cover how each display setting affects your groups, and how you might want to adjust each setting to fit your particular needs.

Locating Group Display Settings

  1. From your Dashboard click on Groups
  2. Click on the group you want to edit
  3. Click on the Settings tab at the top of the page
  4. Locate the section titled “Display & Content Options”

Group Resources

Group resources are supplemental materials needed for your group members. It is most common to include PDF files or other downloadable or linkable files in this area, but you can include anything you’d like (PDFs, images, downloadable audio files, links to other websites, etc.).

  1. Next to Group Resources, toggle the switch on
  2. Add your resources in the box (HTML is supported)

Group resources are displayed to your users in a separate tab, alongside your main group content.

Group resources are shown to all users (even those not enrolled in the group).

Group Certificate

You may want to provide a certificate to users who complete all courses assigned to their group. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You need to create a certificate first, then it will appear in this list for selection.
  • The certificate will become available after the user has successfully completed ALL courses associated with the group.
  • Once available, a button will appear on the group page for the user to download their certificate.

Simply select the certificate that you’d like to associate with this group.

Certificates may also be associated with courses and quizzes.

Group Content

The group content setting determines who can see the list of courses associated with the group.

This does not affect the content that you add to the editor on the group page. That content will be displayed to everyone.

  • Always visible (default)
    Display list to everyone, whether or not they are enrolled in the group.
  • Only visible to enrollees
    Only display the list to users enrolled in the group.

Custom Pagination

Pagination refers to the number of courses that are displayed at one time before the user has to use small navigation buttons to navigate to subsequent pages to access additional courses in the group’s listing. By default, Med LMS will use your built-in settings, but you may choose to customize this on a group-by-group basis.
  1. Toggle the Custom Pagination setting on
  2. Enter a number for courses per page

Custom Course Order

Custom group order refers to the order in which the associated courses are listed on the group page.

  1. Toggle the Custom Course Order setting on
  2. Choose a Sort By option
    • Date (default)
    • Title
    • Menu Order
  3. Choose an Order Direction
    • Ascending (default)
    • Descending

To control the default ordering settings, see the Global Group Settings documentation.

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