Email Automation Dedicated to MedLMS

MedCRM is an Email Automation tool incorporated into the MedLMS Learning Management platform.  Manage your students, leads and customers, email campaigns, automated email sequencing, learner and affiliate management, and monitor user activities and many more items in one place; without ever having to leave your MedLMS dashboard!

Email Campaign Management

Compose emails, filter audiences, and send/schedule the emails with ease. Also measure open rate, CTR (Click Through Rates), and everything else on one screen!

360o Contact View

Know your visitors better! When they have opened your emails, purchase history, support tickets, submitted forms - get everything at a glance.

Content Segmentation

Categorize your users into different lists, tags, and priorities automatically. Set the conditions and let MedCRM take care of the job for you.

Email Sequencing

Run all your LMS notifications on auto-pilot with sequenced/drip emails. Design sequences and set triggers based on user registration, course purchase, etc.

Automated Email Funnels

You don't have to be a pro developer or marketer to design effective email funnels! Monitor each stage of your funnels and improve them instantly!

Granular Reporting

Don't miss out on any action. From campaign reports, CTR, A/B testing to a particular user's engagement - view everything in one place.

Complete email automation solution within MedLMS

All the essential features you need to manage your email communications with your subscribers and students

Create Contacts List

Import your existing users or upload it as a CSV file. You can also create fresh lists and add users automatically. Select the trigger that will add a new user to a list. These triggers can be simple signup, Easy Digital Downloads/Course purchase, LMS subscription/course completion, or simple newsletter signup via MedLMS forms. Set the conditions and MedCRM will start adding users to appropriate lists automatically.

Send Emails

Sending bulk emails has never been easier! Create an email campaign, compose a fresh one or select one from your saved templates. You may want to A/B test your subject lines or play with the pre-header, we’ve got you covered! Compose the email body. Our shortcodes and design templates will come in handy. Set parameters for further tracking if you need. Send emails to a recipient list, exclude some if you need. Don’t forget to send a test email and preview the settings before sending out or scheduling the campaign!

Set Automated Funnels and Sequenced Emails

Manually sending out emails every day or week can be a tedious task. Why go through the hassle when you can set up an automated email funnel and focus on your other tasks? With MedCRM, you can send bulk emails to your users automatically based on their actions (newsletter subscription, form submission, Course purchase, LMS subscription or course completion, etc.) Once set, MedCRM will keep sending out bulk emails based on the actions, conditions, and intervals you set.

Turn Leads into Customers

Done with the automation setup? Now it’s time to get paid and make the funnel even more efficient! With MedCRM’s in-detailed reporting feature, you’ll be able to monitor how your different subject lines are performing in A/B testing, which links are getting better CTRs and which ones are underperforming. Not just that, you can view which contacts aren’t opening your emails using the powerful “Dynamic Segments” option and send them more attractive offers to help them convert from leads to paying customers.

Why Sell Once When You Can Upsell?

MedCRM is designed in such a way, it enables you to set on a journey of a lifetime with your users. With the powerful features this tool offers, you can create multiple sales funnels which will eventually help you sell more products/services/courses to your already existing customers. Whenever a user or customer reaches the final stage of your sales funnels, you can use that signal as a trigger to add that user to another funnel. And that will help your users make informed decisions and purchase more from you!

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